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You want to reduce CO2 emissions of your organization, but getting your carbon footprint to zero in one go is not possible. It takes time and requires long-term investments. Therefore, by investing in carbon credits you can offset remaining emissions which you cannot reduce yet.
We offer carbon credits from circular projects in Europe, issued by the National Carbon Market Foundation and independently verified by recognized agencies. With that we make it possible to offset CO2 emissions in your own region; close to the emission source!
The production and use of materials are a major cause of CO2 emissions. A circular economy therefore contributes to CO2 reduction because raw materials are reused and less waste is burned. Currently only 7% of the global economy is circular.
We want to close the chains and make more circularity possible with carbon credits. In this way we contribute to carbon reduction and accelerate the circular economy. Together we create impact!
Offsetting your CO2 emissions with ORCA means investing in:
Offsetting your CO2 emissions with ORCA means investing in:
Carbon credits are recognized as an important part of the solution to limit global warming. You compensate for emissions that cannot be eliminated yet, so that in turn CO2 emissions are reduced elsewhere.
 Responsible production
Responsible production
You accelerate the transition to a circular economy! In which raw materials are used as efficiently as possible and waste is given a second life through recycling.
Regional projects
Regional projects
Distinguish yourself by offsetting CO2 emissions in your own region, in a tangible and transparent European circular project.


Offsetting on top of reducing your carbon emissions is necessary to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement. Offset your CO2 emissions in your own region and contribute immediately to climate and the circular economy.

Why work with ORCA?


Emphasize your commitment for sustainability and the circular economy

Distinguish yourself by offsetting carbon emissions in your own region with a tangible and transparent European project

Prepare for CSRD and report carbon offsets as climate action

Increase customer satisfaction and growth: research shows offsetting results in customer loyalty

Invest in carbon credits that meet high quality and integrity criteria

Help to close the chains and contribute to a sustainable circular economy

Our quality partners

Our quality partners